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Struggling with nested list
Now I’ve gotten a slight grasp on dictionaries ,the join() and split I am working on understanding nested list and how to process them at least I think that that is my problem at this point here is the code I’m playing around with It’s supposed to print location and a list of directions then ask for input as to which direction do you want to go but I get stuck with it repeating the same location never changing.
I got it going once by correcting an error in exits but when I typed it out again I get the same

	0:'you are at home',
	1:'you are on a road' ,
  2:'you are on a hillside',
  3:'you are looking at a lake',
  4:'you are in the country' ,
  5:'you are in outer space! ' }


while True:
	if loc == 0:
	direction=input('what direction do you want to go in?' + avail_exits)
	if direction in exits[loc]:
		loc == exits[loc][direction]
		print('you cannot go in that direction')
In line 25 the "=="" operator examines true or false.
Or should it be an assignment?

That is the mistake in the code.I caught it shortly after making this post, I thought that I made a mistake in the processing of exits[loc] , since that nesting list/tuples
Is what I’m now trying to grasp an understanding of. Is that what
exits[loc][direction] is, Processing of a nested list?
(Jul-09-2020, 05:18 PM)gr3yali3n Wrote: Is that what exits[loc][direction] is, Processing of a nested list?

exits is a list with 2 (variable) dimensions. Zero based.
exits[loc][direction] means (in exits) element number "loc" , and of that element the dictionary item that corresponds with "direction" .


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