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SyntaxError: unexpected character after line continuation character
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SyntaxError: unexpected character after line continuation character
I want to run the under mentioned code:

import csv

%precision 2

with open(C\Users\LENOVO\Documents\'mpg.csv') as csvfile:
mpg = list(csv.DictReader(csvfile))

But I am getting the error as:
File "<ipython-input-5-e14b7d279de2>", line 5
with open(C\Users\LENOVO\Documents\'mpg.csv') as csvfile:
SyntaxError: unexpected character after line continuation character

May kindly help.
I get "invalid syntax" for "%precision 2", which is expected. What do you think was going on in that line?

The continuation character message is related to the path not being a string. Only the filename and extension are inside the single quotes. '\' is the line continuation character.
print('I think this is a very long line, \
      'that I want to break up into shorter', \
Use code tag.
There are several problems here invalid Python syntax %precision 2,missing : and '.
Do not use single \ backslash in path,see raw string in code r''.
import csv

# %precision 2 ## Not a Python syntax

with open(r'C:\Users\LENOVO\Documents\mpg.csv') as csvfile:
    mpg = list(csv.DictReader(csvfile))

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