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 T-shirts from Python Store
Just out of curiosity, why does it cost 33 Euro to ship two t-shirts from the Python store warehouse in Spain to New York? I hope that money is going to and not some gouging shipping company, because two t-shirts wouldn't cost 33 Euro shipped by courier on a private jet, let alone a huge cargo plane full of other packages. Just wondering. I don't mind if the money is going to Otherwise, maybe you guys are letting yourselves get ripped off, eh?
we are not associated with
Well, whatever. seems to like this place because Forums there takes people here, so you can't say you aren't associated. seems to infer otherwise. Also, not an answer to my question. But, thanks anyway.
Ill quote from our doc of the link i posted:
Quote:We are listed on's community section because we requested that of them, and they approved. Before that they didn't even have a forum section under community.
We are on it because i asked them to list a forum section along with their other community methods of communication.

36 bucks to ship some cloth seems like the average price to ship across the pond. Personally i would just order from a local vendor and customize the shirt myself with the python logo to be honest. I dont think that is going to python software foundation im my option, but to the actual cost of shipping.

I meant i couldnt really say why does what they do as we are not
It will be cheaper to look for local services which can make those t-sherts for you.
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