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 Terms describing Python Programming language
So I am trying to understand the classification of Python using the following terms. Can someone point out if I made any mistakes in explaining why Python is termed as the following:

1.Python is a scripting language which basically means that it is a language that do not require compilation as in the case of languages such as C. Compilation refers to the conversion from source code to machine code. Examples of scripting languages include Visual Basic Script (VBS), Ruby, etc.

2.Python is a strongly typed language, which means that errors and exceptions occur during compilation & variables must have a certain data type e.g. integer or float, etc. and they will not “magically” become other types.

3.Python is a dynamic programming language; as it does (data) Type Checking at runtime (execution time) instead of at compile time as in the case for static programming languages such as C++, & variables do not have to be declared as a type.

4.Python is also called an interpreted language because it is not compiled as in the case of C or C++, etc. instead it is interpreted using an interpreter.

5.Python is also called a High-Level programming language with high-level built-in data types such as arrays and dictionaries.
A scripting language is not the same as an interpreted language. Scripting languages are usually interpreted, but the key point is that they automate tasks that a human can do one step at a time. Python can be a scripting language, but it can be much more than that, and calling it "just" a scripting language is sometimes done to belittle it.
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1) False
2) False
3) True
4) True
5) True
I hope that helps you with your homework/questionnaire/exam. ;-)
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(Aug-12-2019, 11:49 AM)ThomasL Wrote: 1) False
2) False
3) True
4) True
5) True
I hope that helps you with your homework/questionnaire/exam. ;-)
Hi, thanks for confirming this. I will be looking at the False statements. P.S. It is not an exam or assignment. These came from old slides from a course I took.

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