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 The Art of Code
A entertaining talk well worth a watch Thumbs Up
The Art of Code - Dylan Beattie
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Isn't it a proof that programming drives some people insane?
(Mar-14-2020, 02:25 PM)Gribouillis Wrote: Isn't it a proof that programming drives some people insane?
I guess that this can apply to many fields if have a behavioral addictions personality.
As you like math,a example could be Grigori Perelman mad genius or border line insane.
One million dollars no thanks Hand
Bobby Fischer chess Shifty
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5 Famous Scientists Dismissed as Morons in Their Time
(Mar-14-2020, 05:55 PM)snippsat Wrote: Bobby Fischer chess Shifty

I'm a big fan of Bobby Fischer, too bad he never played Kasparov. I believe that he would smash him. Cool
I think Kasparov is stronger. I'm not the only one to think so
wikipedia Wrote:In January 2020, Carlsen said, "Kasparov had 20 years uninterrupted as the world No 1. And I would say for very few of those years was there any doubt that he was the best player. He must be considered as the best in history."
Fischer played before computers were available to train chess players. I think it makes a difference. Today's game is different from what it was 40 years ago.

Computers are stronger, anyway.
Well, Kasparov played in a time when computers were weaker than men. I would still bet on Fischer.

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