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 The Python Launcher and Macintosh
I may have missed something and want to ask here before I get myself into trouble by creating a bug report.
I am a user and not a coder and I don't understand what the Python Launcher is supposed to do.
The Python Documentation Macintosh, reads that one can either drag a python script to the Launcher, or change the default (Open With) application to the Launcher (and double click) and the Launcher will run the script.

If I drag the script to the Launcher, a little window that has a run button appears, however, clicking on that button produces no results.
If I change the permissions of the script to be opened by the Launcher and double the scrip nothing happens except for the Launcher to open and the preferences window to appear.

If I use the terminal python3 command line with the script, things work as expected; or if I set the default application of the script to be IDLE, things do sort of work, but I still have to select the Run Module menu option to get the script to actually run.

Python 3.8.1
macOS Catalina
I would appreciate your help.
Thank you for your reply. However, I tried that search before posting and saw noting that I could use; further, most of them are 5 years old.

(May-10-2020, 05:41 PM)Larz60+ Wrote: see:

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