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 The best Python editor?
New to Python, I have some other programming experience but I like it so far.
I'm an old UNIX guy and I've used VI quite a lot, so I wondered what people thought of VIM as an effective Python IDE.
Is it fully functional for Python use, or would I be selling short by sticking with this?

Some of the other editors used are:


I know some of this is personal choice, but wanted to get people's opinions/feedback. Thanks!
I personally use the Python IDE for quick development/writing small code. And I keep PyCharm around for a heavy duty IDE for my bigger projects. My HDD is a bit slow and PyCharm runs significantly slower than the Python IDE, that's why.
Should also mention VS Code my main Python Editor for the past couple of years.
I have Thread about here VS Code from start
If you are experienced vi user there is nothing better than Vim as Python editor :-)

If you pick some other editor it’s useful to check beforehand does it has Vim keybindings and what are the limitations.
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Pycharm + VIM keybindings!
Kdevelop and Kate, perfect for linux...
I also use PyCharm with the ideaVIM plugin. It has a convenient selector at the bottom right to disable it when you need to.
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I am also an old Unix guy so I prefer VI and VIM too. But because I have the feeling I should not be too old fashioned, I recently started trying Pycharm and I begin to like it. But of course sloooww in comparison to VI.
I cannot use VI because I have a BEPO keyboard and it would mean remapping all the VI key shortcuts. A tedious work, considering the large number of excellent editors.
I've been using Visual Studio Code and I am pretty new to programming in Python. I hear a lot about VIM but I'm not technically ready to use that.

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