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 The code seems correct but my files aren't getting deleted
I heard that python can make life easier, I wanted to remove duplicates in folderA by comparing folderB with folderA, so I decided to download python and try coding with python. My code seems correct, however, my files are failing to delete, what's wrong with it?

I tried unlink but doesn't work.
    import os
    with open(r"C:\pathto\output.txt", "w") as a:
        for path, subdirs, files in os.walk(r'C:\pathto\directoryb'):
           for filename in files:
             #f = os.path.join(path, filename)
             #a.write(str(f) + os.linesep) 
             a.write(str(filename) + '\n')
    textFile = open(r'C:\output.txt', 'r')
    line = textFile.readline()
    while line:
     target = str(line)
     todelete = 'C:\directorya' + target
     if (os.path.exists(todelete)):
     line = textFile.readline()
I want my files deleted, basically folderA contains some files in folderB, and I'm trying to delete it.
you cannot delete the file while it is still open.

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