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 The self variable in a class..?
Is it like the 'i' variable in
 for i in Range
I'd say no. Could you elaborate? Depending on what you mean, the answer could be an elaborate yes / sort of.
Just trying to figure out what that'self' is doing in a class.
When ever I ask a question on the forum, I get a very professionelle techish answer. Problem is, as a newbie I dont understand an answer like that. Explain it, as if you were talking to an idiot please
Self, as you can imagine, is a self-referential parameter. In essence, it's telling the method where data are stored. Let's say we have a class called Dog:

class Dog:

    def __init__(self, sound):
        self.sound = sound

    def bark(self):
        return self.sound
When we call the Dog.bark() method, the method needs to know where the data are. Where is this particular dog (named Bacon because I have bacon on the brain right now)? Where can I find Bacon.sound? To satisfy that need, the class passes itself to its methods. Another way to think of if it to imagine a function that takes a Dog as an argument:

def bark(pet):
    return pet.sound

Bacon = Dog("woof")

assert Bacon.sound == bark(Bacon)
The Dog.bark() (or Bacon.sound (which is "sizzle", truly)) does the same as the bark() function. It just passes itself into the method. This way, methods can use the same underlying infrastructure as regular functions.

Did that help?
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