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Themes for this site
Can't we have the default theme without background as well if it's not to much a problem? I personally prefer the most clean design. If it's too much of a fuss I can live with the current one. The both dark themes are too heavy on eyes for my taste...
yeah i think we should have the default mybb white as default and this one as a secondary
thank you :-)
I have made the a Default_White as a option.
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I also miss the default dark.
As an aside, it will be interesting to see server traffic. It may get more congested due to loading images.
I have changed to other way around,so Default is the original white.
Then can choose Default_Technology for the new background.
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(May-14-2018, 12:42 PM)j.crater Wrote: I also miss the default dark.
There are now option to choose Dark_Black and Midnight_Green which was the original plain colors.
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A little consistent,so now Default,Midnight,Dark Theme has there originals colors.
Then can choose Technology for the new background.
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