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 [Tkinter] Car dashboard with TKinter

I want to program a car dashboard in python which will be shown on a touchscreen connected to a raspberry pi. 
I will be able to read speed, rpm, battery voltage, battery temperature (it is in an electric car.)...
Now I now how I want to program the most signals, the only thing that I don't how to program a gauge with some blocks that show the value. 
I can't post a picture yet because I "I didn't prove yet that I'm not a spammer "   Tongue
But what I want is a normal speedo gauge, but instead of a needle I want some blocks that show the value.
I hope that somebody understands what I mean.
How do I need to program this? How do they do this in real applications?

Hopefully somebody can explain me this. I'm a hobby programmer. Not a pro ;)

Kind regards

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Car dashboard with TKinter - by TMJJ - Dec-28-2016, 03:06 PM
RE: Car dashboard with TKinter - by Larz60+ - Dec-28-2016, 05:56 PM

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