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[Tkinter] Creation of Buttons with Shared Command Inside Class
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[Tkinter] Creation of Buttons with Shared Command Inside Class
I am trying to refactor some code into classes and methods that I have for a LED matrix GUI. When I create the matrix of buttons I created a lambda to recall the number of the button when it was created, but when I click a button it gives an error. This line of code worked when it was not inside a class but now that its transferring the variable "i" to a method within the class it just says the argument is missing when I click a button. please ignore errors within the click method. I cant really move on while this is not working so the click method is not finished being adjusted to the class.

File "C:\python_gui\", line 40, in <lambda> self.b = tk.Button(self.window, text="*", command=lambda i=self.but_num: TypeError: click() missing 1 required positional argument: 'i'

def makematrix(self):
        #create matrix of buttons
        for row in range(1, self.num_leds[0]+1):
            for column in range(self.num_leds[1]):
                self.b = tk.Button(self.window, text="*", command=lambda i=self.but_num:
                if (row % 2) == 0:
                    self.b.grid(row=row, column=33-column, padx=self.pad, pady=self.pad, columnspan=2)
                    if row == 1:
                        self.b.grid(row=row, column=column, padx=self.pad, pady=self.pad, columnspan=1)
                        self.b.grid(row=row, column=column, padx=self.pad, pady=self.pad, columnspan=3)
def click(self, i):
    if self.button[i].cget('bg') == self.values[LEDcolorslide.get()]:
Don't call the class click method call self's click method

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