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[Tkinter] How to add an argument to a buttons command call
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[Tkinter] How to add an argument to a buttons command call

using Python 3.6 and Tkinter

Im calling a method with a button. The method will change text on a label

Here is my button:

self.button5 = Button(middleframe6, text="Configure machine", command=self.ReceiptFormat, relief=RAISED)
which calls the method:
def ReceiptFormat(self, *args):
    self.labelwindow['text'] = "Please select receipt Logo"
The label will get the new text
self.labelwindow = Label(master), rely=0.4, relwidth=0.47, relheight=0.47)
This works fine, but the problem is when im passing in an argument from the command. So im doing this:

self.button5 = Button(middleframe6, text="Configure RVM", command=self.ReceiptFormat("text"), relief=RAISED
The methode im calling
def ReceiptFormat(self, confirm, *args):
        newtext = confirm
        self.labelwindow['text'] = newtext
When im calling the method with the argument i get the following error message "AttributeError: 'SendT70' object has no attribute 'labelwindow'"

Any idead why i cant change the label text when im using arguments when calling the method?
To add arguments to a function called as a command you can use partial from functools
from functools import partial

self.button5 = Button(middleframe6, text="Configure RVM", command=partial(self.ReceiptFormat, "text"), relief=RAISED
That works, thanks!

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