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 Tkinter - Need Help setting Height of a TextInputBox
import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import *

gui = Tk(className=' Enter Password.')
password = int("5454")
button_pressed = False
# set window size

gui.resizable(False, False)

tex = Label(gui, text="Enter Your Password...")
tex1 = Text(gui, width=4,height=30)
tex1.insert(tk.END, "Enter your Password to enter your Computer.")


if button_pressed == True:
    # code will be here soon...

When i run the code it does nothing... A Little Help Pweez.
Once I fixed the error at the end. Either comment out the if or add something to do if button_pressed. Your choice:

if button_pressed == True:
    pass # code will be here soon...
# if button_pressed == True:
    # code will be here soon...
When I run the program with that small change I get a funny looking dialog window with a tall, skinny Text widget filled with the text "Enter your Password to enter your Computer."

I don't think you ran the program. If you had, you would know about the syntax error. How did you try to run this program?

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