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 [Tkinter] Scrollbars on canvas
I'm trying to create a image viewer in tkinter. I have problem with scrollbars in my app. I want horizontal and vertical scrollbars next to image when the image is zoomed. I use following code to do this (part of my code):
image =
photo = ImageTk.PhotoImage(image)
if zoom > 1:
        canvas = Canvas(root, width = w*zoom, height = h*zoom, bg=bgcolor)
        canvas.pack(side="top", expand=1, fill=BOTH)
        scroll_bar_x = Scrollbar(canvas, orient = tkinter.HORIZONTAL)
        scroll_bar_x.pack(side="bottom", fill = X, expand= 0)
        scroll_bar_y = Scrollbar(canvas, orient = tkinter.VERTICAL)
        scroll_bar_y.pack(side="right", fill = Y, expand= 0)
        scroll_bar_x["command"] = canvas.xview
        scroll_bar_y["command"] = canvas.yview
        canvas["xscrollcommand"] = scroll_bar_x.set
        canvas["yscrollcommand"] = scroll_bar_y.set
        canvas.create_image(w*zoom/2, h*zoom/2, image=photo)
I see scrollbars next to image but they don't work. I can't use them.
In what part of the code do I have a mistake?

Thank you, Christina
Use the ScrolledFrame from Pmw or PyPi
woooee thank you for your advice. tkScrolledFrame works in my app.

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