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 [Tkinter] Tkinter timetabl using treeview
Hi I am trying to create a drag and drop timetable using tkinter and I was wondering if there was a way to create an element in a treeview that expands more than one row,
def changeTime(td):
	hour = td.seconds//3600
	minutes = (td.seconds//60)%60
	if len(str(minutes)) == 1:
		minutes = str(minutes)
		minutes = '0' + minutes
		minutes = str(minutes)
	return "%d:%s" % (hour,minutes)

table = ttk.Treeview(sistema)
table['show'] = 'headings'
table['columns'] = ('E', 'H', 'Mo', 'Tue', 'We', 'Thu', 'F')
table.heading('E', text="Events")
table.heading('H', text="Hours")
table.heading('Mo', text="Monday")
table.heading('Tue', text="Tuesday")
table.heading('We', text="Wednesday")
table.heading('Thu', text="Thursday")
table.heading('F', text="Friday")

time = datetime.timedelta(hours = 7)
half = datetime.timedelta(minutes = 30)

for i in range(20):
	table.insert("", i, values=('', changeTime(time)))
	time = time + half

table.pack(side=LEFT, expand=YES, fill=BOTH)
Currently that is my table but what I need to do is create an element in events that lasts 1:30 hours, is this possible using treeview or am I wasting my time with this?, if so can you recommend another way to approachj this?
Please include enough code to run.
Treeview can be expanded. Here's an example i wrote a while back, with multiple columns
the scraping part of this may need updating as web sites change over time, but the GUI code
is still good.
Hi Thanks for answering but I need it to be multiple rows not columns
Quote:Hi Thanks for answering but I need it to be multiple rows not columns
Since a 'tree' is by default multiple rows, or course a 'treeview' can hold multiple rows!

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