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Tkinter:Unable to bind and unbind function with a button
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Tkinter:Unable to bind and unbind function with a button
declare your functions before you create the buttons unless you create a class
python reads your script from top to bottom:
def add_medication1():
def confirm1():
    global morn_med_label,confirm_button1
    morn_med=morn_med_Text.get("1.0",END), rely =0.82, anchor = CENTER)
    confirm_button1.place_forget(), rely = 0.76, anchor = CENTER)
morn_med_label=Label(root,bg="light blue", font=("Arial",15 ))
morn_med_button = Button(root, text="Add Medication", command=add_medication1, font=("Arial", 12)), rely = 0.76, anchor = CENTER)
confirm_button1=Button(root, text="Confirm", command=confirm1, font=("Arial", 12)),y=400)
if you bind a mouse event to a function it requires an argument
def keyboard(event):
    def select(value):
        ....# more       
I used event but it could be anything you want- then you can get information from the event like x= event.x to give you the x,y position of the mouse click

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