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 Tkinter, button doesnt working ;//

import tkinter as tk
okno = tk.Tk()

def callback():

refresh = tk.Button(okno, text="Click", command=callback())
What is wrong with this hello world program in tkinter? The "click!" appears immediately after run script. Clicking button do nothing but when i comment these lines
#refresh = tk.Button(okno, text="Click", command=callback())
there is no "click!" in my console.
refresh = tk.Button(okno, text="Click", command=callback)
Yeah, or use lambda like
refresh = tk.Button(okno, text="Click", command= lambda: callback())
(Jul-18-2018, 10:41 AM)Dzonzi Wrote: Yeah, or use lambda like
refresh = tk.Button(okno, text="Click", command= lambda: callback())
I don't think this will work
callback() part will execute the callback function, it will print 'click' and return None.
So your line is same as
refresh = tk.Button(okno, text="Click", command=lambda:None)
and the use of lambda in this case in not needed anyway

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