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 Tkinter button in for

First of all, i'm new here !

Then, I wasn't sure if this post belongs to GUI or general coding issue, kind of both.

I'm creating a GUI and I'm having an issue to create many buttons which are supposed to call a single function with the unique ID of the selected user.

My code :
i = 0
for key, name in self.__model.get_6_users().items():
    print("key_menu = " + str(key) + '-' + name)
    Button(acceuil, text=name + '-' +str(key), command=lambda: self.click_user(key)).\
         grid(column=i, row=2, sticky=N + S + W + E)
    i += 1
Everything is good for the display and with the debugging printing :
key_menu = 2-Eric key_menu = 5-Batman key_menu = 0-Bob key_menu = 4-PierreAFeu key_menu = 1-Joe key_menu = 3-Emmanuelle
But when I click on any of them, it's always the 3rd ID (Emmanuelle) which is sent to click_user.

I think it's because the Lambda function is compiled only after the for loop (Emmannuelle is the last ID so it's the value taken into account at the end) but I really don't know how to make it work.

I can't make it outside of my for loop because I don't know how many users I'll have to display

Any idea ?

Thanks !
key is no longer in scope after you exit the for loop,
therefore there's no way to tell what it's value will be when the button is clicked.
Well that's kind of what I had in mind...

So I changed my code and now it works but it's awful :(

        keys = []
        names = []
        for key, name in self.__model.get_6_users().items():
        for i in range(len(keys), 6):
        Button(acceuil, text=names[0], command=lambda: self.click_user(keys[0])). \
            grid(column=0, row=2, sticky=N + S + W + E)
        Button(acceuil, text=names[1], command=lambda: self.click_user(keys[1])). \
            grid(column=1, row=2, sticky=N + S + W + E)
        Button(acceuil, text=names[2], command=lambda: self.click_user(keys[2])). \
            grid(column=2, row=2, sticky=N + S + W + E)
        Button(acceuil, text=names[3], command=lambda: self.click_user(keys[3])). \
            grid(column=3, row=2, sticky=N + S + W + E)
        Button(acceuil, text=names[4], command=lambda: self.click_user(keys[4])). \
            grid(column=4, row=2, sticky=N + S + W + E)
        Button(acceuil, text=names[5], command=lambda: self.click_user(keys[5])). \
            grid(column=5, row=2, sticky=N + S + W + E)
        for i in range(0,len(keys)):
            if keys[i] == '-':
                Button(acceuil, text=names[i], state=DISABLED).grid(column=i, row=2, sticky=N + S + W + E)
So I get my keys and names that I put in two != lists and I and values '-' if I don't have enough user to fill the 6 fields.
Then I create my 6 buttons.
Finaly I overwrite the buttons where '-' is set

If you have any better suggestions...?
post the entire script and I'll take a look.
I need something that I can run

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