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Tools and links that can help with code quality
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Tools and links that can help with code quality
Style Guide for Python Code PEP 8
A stylized presentation of PEP 8

Linter and formatting tools.

These can work stand alone or as plugin for your IDE or editor.
Some popular examples.
  • Pylint ---> Checks for errors,tries to enforce a coding standard,looks for code smells.

  • Flake8 ---> Style conventions in PEP 8,detects various errors.
    Flake8 is a combination of PyFlakes,pycodestyle (formerly pep8) and Mccabe.

  • Black ---> Formats Python code without compromise.
You can look into automated code review tools

One of the popular ones is Codegrip. Codegrip is an automated code review tool that will connect with your git account and analyses your projects automatically after every commit/Pull-request, an will provide you will the required analysis and solutions for all your issues and the technical debt they all incur.
  • isort sorts imports for you.
  • mypy does static type checking.
  • sourcery integrates into your IDE and source hosting to suggest improvements to your code

Not only related to Python: Use Sphinx to make documentation.
My code examples are always for Python >=3.6.0
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