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Transposing in Excel and converting to txt
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Transposing in Excel and converting to txt
I am a new user. I would like to automate a process that will save me a lot of time. In attached excel file I have some calculations of stresses for different parts. I want to take the data of "Part ID" and "Mean Stresses" and of a string format, which is on right side of excel file, that is compatible with the software I use. The red color and blue color represent the location of the data in string. The rest of the data should not be changed (Each sheet has different data). Finally, all the output should be dumped into a txt file( An Example for the first two data set is attached).

Any kind of help is appreciated. Thank you.


Attached Files

.xlsx   mean stress.xlsx (Size: 18.21 KB / Downloads: 209)
.txt   final output.txt (Size: 1.25 KB / Downloads: 210)
What have you tried? We are glad to help, but we are not here to do your work for you. Please, post your code (in code tags) and ask specific questions. Don't forget to include the full traceback (in error tags) if you get one.
I don't know where to start from. At least you can give me some hints??

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