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 Trouble importing modules on a new python version
I'm using a Raspberry Pi, and NOOBS came pre-loaded with python3.5. Unfortuantely, a package that I need only works properly with 3.7, so I installed it doing the following:

tar -xf Python-3.7.2.tar.xz
cd Python-3.7.2
sudo make -j 4
sudo make altinstall

Then I appended this line at the end of my .bashrc:

alias python3 = '/usr/local/bin/python35'

So now python 3.7 runs properly when I call python3, but the problem is that now whenever I use apt or pip to install a new package, I'm unable to import it from within python3.7. I am however able to import it if I run python3.5, so I know the packages are being installed. I suspect it's an issue with python3.7 looking for packages in the wrong place, but I'm not sure of whether I might need to edit the PYTHONPATH or something similar. I've found a few people online saying that editing it is a bad idea, so I'm just hoping for a bit of guidance there. Thanks!
What is wwdw?
Sorry, accidental post while trying to tab space those lines.

Also, that .bashrc line should be
alias python3 = '/usr/local/bin/python37' not
alias python3 = '/usr/local/bin/python35'

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