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Quote:Not sure what you are asking. I was seeing this for every single post I made. Seems like I read and answered much too quickly
Yeah the post flooding time limit was set by default to 60 seconds. Thats quite long i think. So i dialed it back to 15 seconds.
Hi, is the signature's are still available ?

What is a registered member ?
You will be allowed to have signature when your post count reach 5.

Although I admit that note in the brackets looks like artifact and does not refer to Registered user group (0-4 posts)
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How to create signatures? I don't see any option in my profile.

Partha Mandayam
Software Consultant
now you have 5 posts and should be able to add signature

you can directly access it from here
It says I cannot access the signature page. I don't have permission

Partha Mandayam
Software Consultant
try again, please.
From UserCP, on the left-hand side menu there is Your Profile section and there is Edit Signature.
But the link should work.
You have to give the auto task manager time to change your user group to give you permissions. As of right now your user group is "User" instead of "registered" so you should be good to go now.
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