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 Using answers from an input function
I've decided to teach myself programming and am new to the science. I started with a book on python and often try write code that's more complex than the examples provided in the book.

To get to the point here is an example from the book about the if and elif statements.
print("1. Red")
print("2. Orange")
print("3. Yellow")
print("4. Green")
print("5. Blue")
print("6. Purple")
Choice = int(input("Select your favorite color: "))
if (Choice == 1):
    print("You chose Red!")
elif (Choice == 2):
    print("You chose Orange!")
elif (Choice == 3):
    print("You chose Yellow!")
elif (Choice == 4):
    print("You chose Green!")
elif (Choice == 5):
    print("You chose Blue!")
elif (Choice == 6):
    print("You chose Purple!")
    print("You made an invalid choice!")
Yoriz wrote Jul-19-2019, 01:41 PM:
Please post all code, output and errors (in it's entirety) between their respective tags. I did it for you this time, Here are instructions on how to do it yourself next time.
I also added in the indentation that was missing.
Welcome to the forum, did you have a question ?
I did, but when I wanted to change the post because I accidentally posted it without finishing the question it said that "I couldn't make changes to a post that older than 10 mins".
Just post your question in other post under,there is a restrictions to 10 mins for 0-4 posts users.
When have over 5 posts can edit up to 48 hours.
Permissions and Groups.

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