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 VBA user learning Python
Hey all..

I used VBA in excel really extensively in my work. Automating graphs and manipulating data in excel.
It's kinda where I started to understand and use a language to help with my tasks.
I'm noticing a lot of similarities between VBA and Python. Loops, variables,etc. But the one thing I liked about VBA is that I could step through a process hitting F8. If I referenced or selected, for example, another excel tab or even a webpage. I would see exactly what was going on on the screen. If I selected a different tab in VBA, using F8 I would see the tabs change as the code instructed. This really helped me learn what to do.
I was even able in hover my mouse over variables in VBA to see what string was being held in that variable.

Is there any editor or IDLE that does the same thing?
Where I can step through each line of code and it will show what the code was performing.
But with the python IDLE this doesn't seem to be an option.

Any advice would be appreciated! Big Grin
IDLE is poor editor.
List of python IDEs

Many of us on the forum use VSCode and I would recommend it. It has Debug functionality

Other popular choice is PyCharm [community editon is free)

If you search the forum there are plenty of discussion on IDE choice

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