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Volunteer Python Developers -- Python 2D Tank MMO
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Volunteer Python Developers -- Python 2D Tank MMO
Hey there! I'm looking for volunteers to collaborate with me in the creation and improvement of a new Python 2D Tank MMO. Since I cannot post links, just go to Github, and search for "TankistOnline". It's the only repo named such.

The goal is to make a lightweight, cross-platform client that can connect to a similarly designed server. The server validates everything to prevent cheating. This project aims to be free-of-charge playing, but shall accept donations which shall go towards the hosting of a server -- if in excess, the money may be given to volunteers.

Currently, I have a working client-mock-up, as well as a server that is undergoing development. There's a screenshot on the project page.

Eventually, there'll be a background, some stuff to hide behind. I plan to eventually add multiple turrets and hulls, have powerups, make different maps, implement an in-game chat, a lobby, paints, armies with ranks, and gameplay modes.

Everyone, from the casual coder to the guru is welcome to volunteer and make this game great. Discussion of TankistOnline is under the "Teamwork" issue, feel free to drop by and offer your thoughts and/or code. I can't guarantee this'll be a success, but I'm determined to make this happen, even if it takes 50 years Smile
Hello There,

I can surely help, Please mail me at: with more details and add me on skype: live:ray_7950 for further discussion

Looking forward!

Good day,

Quote:Everyone, from the casual coder to the guru is welcome
I don't mind volunteering, sounds fun. I'll try to help in any way I can, but don't expect too much from me. I'm usually working with flask and pygame. I haven't worked too much with socket.
Quote:if in excess, the money may be given to volunteers.
If there is excess, I don't want any

You can contact me by twitter -

Thank you for this opportunity
I'd also like to help, I have a bit of experience with Flask if that's what you're after? DM me on here if you want further contact info

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