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 WHich is a good site/tutorial to learn Python for beginners?
Can you please suggest good site for learning Python ? Which should one opt to learn? Python V 2.7 or 3.7?
Thanks for any replies.
You should opt to learn python3.x as python2.x is obsolete come 2020

However there are tons of tutorials still out there on the internet that could be used that use python2.x. You just have to be aware of the differences if you choose to do that. There are tons of online tutorials for everything and anything on python. Just google them up.

We also have a list of free resources
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Have a look here: 10 free Python courses
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I just started learning Python about three weeks ago. I started off with w3schools. It's a good intro, but not what I would call a true course, as you're just working with hyperlinks on the left-side pane of the window. It's just you reading and looking at the examples. I found the videos by Mosh (below) much better.

I later stumbled upon a guy named Mosh and went through his free into course, which I learned a lot from:

After completing his course, you can enroll in a full blown, more in-depth training course by him. He offers a discount (for $15). I've been going through it the past week and feel it's been very help to me. He explains things in a very clear way and gives good examples. You can't beat the price for the content you get.

I'd also recommend using an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) as you start out. This is basically an app that provides a nice GUI. An IDE is "a coding tool that allows you to easily write, test, and debug your code.. IDEs also offer syntax highlighting, bracket-matching, auto-completion, debugging etc."

I found using an IDE EXTREMELY helpful because I could watch variables get populated as I stepped through my program (in debug mode) and most IDEs offer syntax help as well. The one I'm using now is called Spyder (FREE), but Pycharm (FREE also) is very popular as well.

If you go with Spyder, here are some links to tutorials I found helpful:

Sypder tutorials
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You can try this tutorial of python . The best thing i liked about this tutorial is it teaches with project based approach. Python tutorial for beginners

It covers the below syllabus

Chapter 1:- Installing Python framework and Pycharm IDE.
Chapter 2:- Creating and Running your first Python project.
Chapter 3:- Python is case-sensitive
Chapter 4:- Variables, data types, inferrence & type()
Chapter 5:- Python is a dynamic language
Chapter 6:- Comments in python
Chapter 7:- Creating function, whitespaces & indentation
Chapter 8:- Importance of new line
Chapter 9:- List in python, Index, Range & Negative Indexing
Chapter 10:- For loops and IF conditions
Chapter 11:- PEP, PEP 8, Python enhancement proposal
Chapter 12:- ELSE and ELSE IF
Chapter 13:- Array vs Python
Chapter 14:- Reading text files in Python
Chapter 15:- Casting and Loss of Data
Chapter 16:- Referencing external libararies
Chapter 17:- Applying linear regression using sklearn
Chapter 18:- Creating classes and objects.
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Why does nobody mention´s own tutorial: Tutorial? I read all of it and I found it very useful.
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For learning , first know about all python inbuilt functions and start solving basic problems like addition, subtraction and also basic programming such as palindrome , binary search , sorting programs , Then choose any of web framework such as Django , flask or pyramid start building basic apps , it will give you basic idea of how you can improve your python coding knowledge . For learning python basics try this ...Python Tutorial
I recommend the video tutorials of Corey Schafer. The guy is amazing.
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