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Hello friends,

I'm planning to start a blog on WordPress.
Can anyone elaborate what all disadvantages are there in WordPress?
I hate Wordpress. I'm not the only one.

BUT... I hate Wordpress not for what it is but for what has happened to the web and our industry in general. It is so easy to deliver a Wordpress site that I keep seeing the same style of website over and over and over again. Sometimes it is used incorrectly (a standard blog layout with blog functionality to display products where products are described as articles), sometimes options are left out in the open that don't make sense (e.g. clicking on a thumbnail in a news listing expands the thumbnail image instead of taking me to the news article) and so on.

The problem isn't actually Wordpress, which is really an excellent piece of work, but the lack of quality that it's ease-of-use allows.

I live on a small island, we have just over one million inhabitants. There used to be a small community of web developers and the people who do app development and then the new graduates started to deliver Wordpress sites en masse. It took years for clients to realise that they weren't getting what they needed because all those Wordpress sites were effectively disguised blogs - the people who had delivered them didn't understand how to properly extend WP's functionality, how to use the right plugin, how to correctly style the pages or anything beyond the basic customisation provided in the admin. It is for reasons like this that WP has this polarised image: some people hate it and some love it.

If you take the time to learn it properly, you'll probably love it. Anyone who says that Wordpress is bad because some technical limitation simply hasn't learnt enough of it or is trying to use it for the wrong thing.

If you wanted to make a complex site where different types of users log into different types of account panels (e.g. candidates and recruiters) to manage different types of data (e.g. CVs and jobs) and have those different data entities interact with each other then Wordpress isn't the droid you're looking for. Although you could, with enough knowledge, modify it enough to get it to do those more complex tasks it would probably be easier with a framework designed for custom-development.
buran wrote Sep-11-2019, 03:52 PM:
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It's reasonably secure if you don't use any plugins.
It's fairly good at what it does, if you need a multi-user blogging platform.

If either of those isn't true (you need more than a blog, or you're just one person), then it likely isn't the right tool for the job.

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