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WXGade question/help pls
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WXGade question/help pls
Beginer programmer

I've been playing with WXGlade for a few days now.

I've downloaded a couple of .pdf manuals which cover a lot but are not basic enough in details of use.

So far I've managed to create a FRAME with top and side SIZER BARS but can get no further.

Supposedly Drag and Drop to move selected items/functios to the frame/main panel but I cant get drag and drop to work.

Obviously I'm doing someting wrong

Help please

Thanks Wall
from yet another wxglade manual i have downloaded wxglade is for gui design only, not for entering/creating actual operating code.
It is a form designer. You use it to get a Quick class defined that will display as you like, then edit using a different IDE 9i use SPYDER, vS Code is probably most popular).

What I think you are missing is a spacer. Put a spacer on your form, then the objects into slots on the spacer.
thanks jefsummers

i'll give it a try

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