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 Want to create my own version of Notational Velocity
I'm new to Python but have a basic understanding of how it works.

I want to create my own version of a text editing/note taking program, similar to Notational Velocity.

Any advice on how to get started doing this would be greatly appreciated.
Open an IDE...
Start typing...

Seriously - what do you expect as an answer? You ask so broad question and at tge same time provide very little information. We have no clue what you know, what GUI framework you know/plan to use, etc...
Well, let's start there. What GUI framework should I learn about to get started?
This list is a bit old, but still helpful for comparison. Just note that many of these have been updated since the list was last updated.

I know for one that my favorite is wxpython phoenix which is a complete rewrite of wxpython for python 3+.

Qt5 is a favorite of many, and it is very good. (python link PyQt5)

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