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 Watch files and automatically run a script in Linux
The following script (download it here) named autopython3 runs a python script every time it is changed on disk. It also supports watching other files and running the script when one of these files is changed.

The script is based on the AWESOME module doit (according to doit's documentation, this script should work only in LINUX and MAC OSX). Ubuntu users can install it with
sudo apt install python3-doit
In order to run the below script, use a command line such as
autopython3 -w foo.txt bar.png baz.pdf --
Then the script is executed every time one of the files mentioned on the command line is changed on disk. Wink I typically use it while developing or one of the watched files, in order to have immediate feedback from python every time I type Ctrl-s in my editor to save the file I'm working on.

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*-coding: utf8-*-
__version__ = '0.1.0'

from argparse import ArgumentParser
import sys

def task_AutoExecution():
    """my doc"""
    yield {
        'basename': 'AutoExecution',
        'actions': ['PYTHONIOENCODING="utf8" {python} {script}'.format(python=sys.executable, script=SCRIPT)],
        'watch': [PROG] + WATCH,
        'verbosity': 2,
if __name__ == '__main__':
    parser = ArgumentParser(description='Automatically runs a python script every time it is changed on disk')
    parser.add_argument('script', metavar='SCRIPT', help='python script to execute', action='store')
    parser.add_argument('-w', '--watch', metavar='FILE', help='additional file to watch (end arglist with --)', nargs='*')
    args = parser.parse_args()
    SCRIPT = args.script
    PROG = SCRIPT.strip().split()[0]
    WATCH = or []
    sys.argv[1:] = ['auto',]
    import doit

    import doit

Your link leads to a private gist/repo, so we can't actually see the file :p
(Jan-23-2018, 05:13 PM)nilamo Wrote: Your link leads to a private gist/repo, so we can't actually see the file :p
The module doit is on pypi, it's not mine! You can install it with pip3 or perhaps with your OS' software manager. Can you see and download my script in the gist? (it is the same as the one I posted here).
Oh lol. Yes, I see what you shared in the gist.

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