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Web application with google maps api
Greatings. I am python beginner. I have already made a python application that gives some outputs. What I want is transforming this python application to python driven web application which gets the user longitude and latitude as input of the corresponding python application, and gives the ouput to the website where the user can monitor. So, I am not related any computer sciencs, and a absolutr beginner in python language and web driven applications. I know that some websites are using google maps or earth to show the user longitude and latitude. I want to do same thing, but this time the longitude and latitude will be the inputs of python application. So, what should I do? I have cast an eye over some flask tutorial but they most likely about getting sing up and managing database, but I do not want sing up option in my web application.
In this point, I want to learn some basic things about these concepts, not general or complicated things. So, where should I start? What should I do firstly?
Flask is really easy to start with. You can check snippsat tutorial on Flask, which does not include DB or sign-in, just visualisation of some weather data that come from API.

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