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 Websocket server not async?
Hello ,
I have a wroking websocket server that my application connected to him and send data to the server.
my problem is that sometime the APP send 5-6 messages , while my code didn't finish the first request yet.
so I can see it "running over" and make a lot of mess :-)
is there any way to tell him to wait until finish , then read the next one?
I don't mind him to ignore the messges until he finsih

this is what I have
async def hello(websocket, path):
    global OldClientRespone
    print("--------------------------->" + OldClientRespone)
    ClientResponse = await websocket.recv()
    print ("OLD is - " + OldClientRespone+ "\r\nNew is  " + ClientResponse)
    ## some code that take about 5 seconds to be finish

start_server = websockets.serve(hello, '', 1234)



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