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 Weekly top picks
You guys remember way back on the old forum we use to do a weekly "top picks". Meaning every week users (mainly those fluently active on the forum) would present their top pick of the week of anyone's post on the forum that contained a well established response. I remember reading through these top picks while learning and it broadened my horizons as i might not of dove into those subjects before reading such posts. I was wondering if anyone would like to do that again?

The constraints would probably be only those users above 5-50 posts could post to avoid new registrations to cast posts that are subpar to what we are looking for. And anyone could post as seldomly or frequently every week. Meaning you are not required to post a weekly top pick if you dont want to. As well as you could post more than one if you feel that there are more. It could be as simple as a single thread (such as this thread) that is stick'd in Bar. No need to create a new forum for it.
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