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 Weighted average with multiple weights and groups
I am a beginner in Python and I am trying to improve my code - so I would appreciate some advice on how to improve the efficiency of the following.

I have the following dataset:

petdata = {
    'animal' : ['dog', 'cat', 'fish'],
    'male_1' : [0.57, 0.72, 0.62],
    'female_1' : [0.43, 0.28, 0.38],
    'age_01_1': [0.10,0.16,0.15],
    'male_2' : [0.57, 0.72, 0.62],
    'female_2' : [0.43, 0.28, 0.38],
    'age_01_2': [0.10,0.16,0.15],
    'weight_1': [10,20,30],

df = pd.DataFrame(petdata) 

I want to calculate a weighted average for the animals in my dataset using weight_1 for all the variable that end with "_1" and weight_2 for all the variables that end with "_2".

I am doing it in this way at the moment:



And this is for every single column in my dataframe. I realise this is not very neat, so can anyone give me some advice on how to improve the process?

I have tried to:
  • reshape the data from wide to long
    define a function for the weighted average

But I was unsuccessful with both. The issue not in the reshaping, I can do that, but they I am not clear on how to apply the different weights to the different groups I have in my data.

Many thanks for any help.

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