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What Is Python Developer Salary in the Eastern Europe or India?
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What Is Python Developer Salary in the Eastern Europe or India?
What kind of salary expectations should I expect working as Python Developer in Eastern Europe or India? Can anyone have experience? Any advice and advice would be helpful
I suggest to check info about salaries here
It all depends on the level of your knowledge, experience, and quality of work. Here is a useful article about the salary level of developers from different countries.I think it will be useful to you.
If you're good at human psychology, you can use a technique which works every time.

for the purpose of example, Assume you're looking at a possible consulting contract
  • Before interview, calculate what you would like to receive as an hourly wage, making sure you figure in your expenses.
  • When the interview is almost done, and it comes time to discuss compensation, ask the question:
  • Will you pay for my expenses in addition to my hourly salary?
  • Client will always say No, we'd rather you handle that yourself.
  • Respond, 'In that case, my rate will be ...'
  • There will be no questions, the rate will be accepted without question, because you have now made the client the winner.

That's a hard question to answer. It depends on your experience and skills. Also, the salary of a Python developer can vary a lot depending on the location.
Thus, an average Python developer salary in Ukraine is around $2K per month.
In India, it's around $1,5K per month.
Almost the same but it's every rough data.
The level of salary depends on the project you are applying for. Of course, many companies providing web development services usually look for cheap labor, but if you have a good level of knowledge, it is quite possible to get a good salary.

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