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 What Is Python Developer Salary in the Eastern Europe or India?
What kind of salary expectations should I expect working as Python Developer in Eastern Europe or India? Can anyone have experience? Any advice and advice would be helpful
I suggest to check info about salaries here
It all depends on the level of your knowledge, experience, and quality of work. Here is a useful article about the salary level of developers from different countries.I think it will be useful to you.
If you're good at human psychology, you can use a technique which works every time.

for the purpose of example, Assume you're looking at a possible consulting contract
  • Before interview, calculate what you would like to receive as an hourly wage, making sure you figure in your expenses.
  • When the interview is almost done, and it comes time to discuss compensation, ask the question:
  • Will you pay for my expenses in addition to my hourly salary?
  • Client will always say No, we'd rather you handle that yourself.
  • Respond, 'In that case, my rate will be ...'
  • There will be no questions, the rate will be accepted without question, because you have now made the client the winner.

That's a hard question to answer. It depends on your experience and skills. Also, the salary of a Python developer can vary a lot depending on the location.
Thus, an average Python developer salary in Ukraine is around $2K per month.
In India, it's around $1,5K per month.
Almost the same but it's every rough data.
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