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Where has your https gone?
Where has your https gone? When I visited your forum before the hack, I had https, I think. Has your https also been hacked?
there has never been https on this server
Ahh, I am mistaken.

Anyway, Google will rank your forum higher, if you offer https.
i am sure we can reach #1 without it, though it could help of course.
It could of course also help against hacks
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(Nov-30-2016, 04:52 PM)Kebap Wrote: It could of course also help against hacks

It helps against other sites masquerading as Python-forum to steal your password. Otherwise, it's not much different for hackers. But some corporate proxies block the HTTPS since they can't really tell what is going on...
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(Dec-05-2016, 01:31 PM)Ofnuts Wrote: Otherwise, it's not much different for hackers
Imagine you're at an airport with a public wifi network. All regular HTTP requests you make are visible to everyone else on that network, using a tool like Wireshark. For regular posts, that doesn't matter, but if for example you visited an admin/moderator page with sensitive credentials, those credentials would be plaintext visible due to the lack of HTTPS. Blocking HTTPS today seems extremely rare, and not a good reason for not having HTTPS.
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I am concerned for lack of https too. At least login page have to be https.
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I have got another quite simple point pro https. When I am surfing along "my" forums https://r-forum.net, https://quantinvestor.net, https://python-forum.de this forum is the only one with no https, requiring an extra adaption back to http. This is getting on the nerve after a while, when there is always one little outsider, which web address needs special treatment. 

Another vote for HTTPS here. Let's Encrypt works if it's a money concern.
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