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 Where would I post this?
Hi, my team is looking to recruit more coders for a game design project (a JRPG-inspired MUD) oriented towards visually impaired gamers. I wasn't sure if Jobs would be the place since we're all doing the development for love of the hobby (i.e. nobody is making any money). I have more details on the project, but I want to make sure I post in the right place. Should I still post in Jobs or would somewhere else be more appropriate? Thanks.
Jobs is probably fine. I don't think "work" always is the same as "earning money".
That said, once we see the actual post, we'll just move it if it doesn't belong where you put it :p
I would say, depending on how far along you guys are, that "completed scripts" is the right place.
Make a thread describing what your project is and a link to your github repo.

Then anytime you do a significant update reply to your own thread bumping it.
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