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Which IDE is the best for GUI in python?
Can anyone tell me which IDE will be good for developing GUI in python? And why?
I would say dont use IDLE, everything else is preference of the coder. You have to try different ones to see what you like.
Ditto on don't use IDLE!

I use and love Atom. It's really just a highly-customisable text editor, so I can get it to work exactly the way I want. It doesn't have an IDE component by default (though you can add it in), so I have to really think about what I'm coding and why I'm coding it in a particular way.

A lot of folks also like Spyder. It's a little too restrictive for my tastes, but it's definitely got some nice features. Smile
OS: Arch
Editor: Atom with Material Syntax UI and the Termination terminal plugin

Micah 6:8
I prefer PyCharm. It is a complete IDE, and has a community edition you can download.
comes with VCS capability, code completion, code inspection, packaging assistance, auto
conversion to Jupyter Notebook and a ton more.

As pointed out by Metulburr it's really a personal preference.

Google 'python IDE's' for a pretty complete list
list of editors and IDE's. And yes some people just use a simple editor; myself included.
I will suggest you use PyCharm i have pretty good experience with it in past, however, you may find some other alternatives here too.
I was stuck on VIM, tried out WingIDE, and now I'm on to Atom which I am really liking.

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