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 Which is best GUI for drop down menus and calculations
Hi, as title, want the best/not complicated GUI for something like this

Not done any interface so not really knowing where to start out of the several Python GUI interfaces out there.

Is the basic Tkinter one fine for this?

Basically you can use just about any of the various Gui tools it all depends on preference or company restrictions (if any) and/or license issue (if any - e.g. GPL vs LGPL) Once those last two concerns are addressed the last part is which one do you want to learn -- I chose PyQt5 because it was the most robust and best documented (the latter being a big concern to me) and I have found it to quite nice to work with (once I learned that the Designer was definitely not necessary). Now I have not used Tkinter or any or the others since the project I was converting used PySide (another reason why I chose PyQt5 since its closest to PySide but is more current in its implementation than PySide2 is so I had to base my decision partially off of 2nd-hand information but I did a lot of cross-referencing of that 2nd-hand information before going with it. So with that said Good Luck with whatever Gui Tool you end up using.

P.S. If you do decide to use PyQt5 I run a Discord free Tutoring/Mentoring message server and can help you get going as well as provide help if you get stuck along the way -- drop a friend request to DenniO#8137 to get an invite
Ok, thanks. Didn't want to start down a road and find I couldn't get done what I needed.

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