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Why One Should Prefere Django/Python instead of PHP or Nodejs?
I have an experience of more than 3 years as a web developer and I feel very comfortable with PHP/NodeJs.
Can anyone tell me why Django is better than above 2?
Django is just a good Framework. There are couple of other frameworks for web development in Python.

The question should be: Why should I use Python 3 for web development instead of PHP/NodeJs/ASP/...

Python is a general purpose language and was invented before web was existing.
It is from beginning on OO and do also support functional programming.
But I won't compare Python to other languages, others can do it better.

The thing is, when I'm programming in Python, I feel good.
If i need to read C, Shell-Script, PHP, JavaScript, I feel unlucky.

Currently Python is pushed again forward because of the AI Stuff (Machine Learning, NLP).
Additional Python takes good parts from other languages like async, await.
The stdlib of Python is very powerful.
My code examples are always for Python 3.x.
All humans together. We don't need politicians!
There has been a lot of interest (and praise) for Flask lately.
I'd take a look at that while you're in the planning stage.
use an advanced search on this forum for Flask. I believe there
may be some tutorials present here.
also take a look at

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