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 Why Python's standard library is hard to read?
Are you guys generally search and read from here:  ?

I found it is hard to read. Maybe it is my personal feeling. But I can easily read C++ and Matlab's documentation. And they provide at least one example for each function's documentation.

Or using google at most of time for learning Python?


That seemed fine to me. The comprehension expression seemed like a decent example, though I get what you mean that it could be more explicit. Maybe this is a bad example of bad docs though, since filtering seems simpler to me than perhaps some other functions.
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Feel like you're not getting the answers you want? Checkout the help/rules for things like what to include/not include in a post, how to use code tags, how to ask smart questions, and more.

Pro-tip - there's an inverse correlation between the number of lines of code posted and my enthusiasm for helping with a question :)
I've always found Python's documentation to be quite good, except for things like numpy. I agree that it could use an example rather than just a pythonym.
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