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 [WxPython] Video in Gui
Discord is a free to use Server Messaging board of a sorts its kind of like combining Chat with a Forum like this where you can post files in their entirety instead of just their contents so it facilitates sharing code examples and live and not-live dialog. If your interested see if you can download and get it running otherwise I will try to help you from here as much as I can.

As for the Designer I hope you can now use the code I provided to do away with ever using the Designer again that garbage code it churns out is horrible to have to work with and the excuse "its designed never to be touched" is so lame since I have yet met a piece of code that you will not have to touch at some point in time no matter how it was created. So if you have to create it and interact with it then why not do yourself a major favor and make it coder friendly too. I mean once you understand how the design it right copy/paste is your best friend and you can now create Guis that are coder friendly in the same or less time than using the Designer and you have complete control over that design as well as fully understanding how it works. So getting rid of the Designer as a coder is a major win all the way around.

If you can share the URL to the "the solution recommended on other posts" then perhaps I can give it a look see.
The AUI package that's included with phoenix gives your application a really nice look, and supports docking
you might want to take a look
@Larz60+, thanks for the pointer I will take a look.

@Denni, I have been intrigued by the capabilities of python and associated gui extensions as a "simple" way to implement a gui for control. I am in the realm of the "officially" retired now and have been writing low-level code/firmware/etc., in C and asm for over 40 years, but have generally ignored OO languages. Still working through the layout concept for pyqt.
Awesome @vscson you are still invited I work with all levels of software engineers from complete newbies to folks like yourself I never tell someone how they must do something I only advise them on how in my experience I have found to be the best way to handle it -- still there are times when my students help me to understand something better but then I have heard the best teachers are those that can learn from their students as well as instruct them.

Of course being an experience programming most likely all you might need is someone to occasionally bounce ideas off of or give a second opinion on code implementation as such the invitation still stands if you decide you like to join in the community

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