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adding physics
Hello dear users.

im having trouble in making my game (its doodle jump witch i wrote with pygame) more naturally. 
im using the positions of my pictures to make the character jump and... ill be happy if you guys can help me with adding some physycs to it. thank you
We won't program for you.
Send a snippet of the code that is giving you trouble,
and a full traceback of any error
we will be glad to help with a specific problem
its not an error. i do not have any idea how to make it more natural. i was hoping if some on can name a library or some codes that i can go and learn.
What's not looking natural? You say the game is named Doodle Jump. Are the jumps not looking natural? Are your jumps parabolas?
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yes. the jumps. its not like its jumping, its like its flying up an then coming down. i want a way to make the jumps more naturally
how could we possibly tell without seeing your code?


each one is an example (PS you need the png images in the same directory downloaded). Check out fall_rect.py for basic, and fall_mask for better. You can check out the physics in each.
I am not really sure what you are asking,but I think what you want to say is' how do I make my character jump instead of just drawing one at the ground and one at the sky to make it look like it is jumping?'

If that is true,
My advice for you is to learn
1)game loop
3)time Delta

Note:I am still a beginner ,so I am not really good yet,but I am quite sure this will help you.
Hope it will,does it?
You do realize that you are answering a post from December of last year don't you?
sorry,i dint see the date.
i answered it because it is one of the first few post from the top(thought it is a new one).

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