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 browser table value counting

Currently for work my team has to use a web application to sign in, enter our credentials, click and select all the fight links and drop down menus. After we get to the screen we need we have a table which can have hundreds and hundreds of rows but the table on web page only displays 11 rows at a time. One column of this table either has an 's' or a 'c' per row. Currently we have to manually add all the Ss, and Cs up separately per page of the table manually clicking next for each new page of 11 rows until we've reached the end of the table. This is a very time consuming process and it's very tedious and error prone. I would like to write a small python application that when launched opens the URL we normally login to and allows us to enter our credentials. I would then like the program to automatically click and select all the right links and menus and keep and cycle through the table adding up all the Cs and Ss and print a total for each one when it has reached the last page for the table. What would be the best module to accomplish this? I've created the steps and I'll put them below if you have any more input. Thanks.

Quote:Start application

Open URL for work web wpplication

User Input username into username box & press Enter

User Input password into password box & press Enter

Application Press Enter to agree

Display security question from web application

User Input answer to question & press Enter

Display security question from web application

User Input answer to question & press Enter

Application Input hardcode text into desired textbox and click ‘Go’

Application Select desired option from ‘Site ID’ drop box

Application Click ‘Select by Site’

Create variable c, s both = 0

While not at the end of the table

For each ‘c’ in column ‘c/s’ c = c + 1

For each ‘s’ in column ‘c/s’ s = s + 1

Click down arrows(next page of table button)

Display ‘s = {total number of Ss}”

Display ‘c = {total number of Cs}”

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