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 call dict object result key error
hello, my program include a dict, but when I try to call a object of the dict, that result with a KeyEror
dict={ 0: 41, 1: 41, 2: 41, }

if dict[int(actualsearch)]==41: #I try int and str, but both dosen't work
    do something
I want to call the dict object whit the var actualsearch, but they call this error
if dict[int(actualsearch)]==41: KeyError: '0'
if you can help my, I will be thankful
Actually, your code works as it is now. The KeyError '0' , i.e. - the key is str shown suggest you tried with
if dict[str(actualsearch)]==41:
dict={0:41, 1:41, 2:41}
if dict[int(actualsearch)]==41: #I try int and str, but both dosen't work
several other things

1. don't use dict as variable name, it's a built-in function and you override it
2. actualsearch is int, the keys in the dict are also int. there is no need of any conversion
3. it's good to use dict.get() method to avoid KeyError if key is missing
actual_search = 0
my_dict = {0:41, 1:41, 2:41}
if my_dict.get(actual_search) == 41:
    # do something
    actual_search += 1
the dict name was for the example, is not the real name, and thank for the help!

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