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can you tell me what editor other than geany is the best for linux mint
I use and love both Atom and VS Code. Atom is a bit more configurable for what I need, but VS Code is almost as good and definitely more responsive. VS Code reigns on my laptop, but Atom sees more use on my desktop.

Pycharm is good but slow... to... start. Tongue It also gives me headaches trying to get the python interpreter set up for each problem. Wall I'd rather just open a terminal and "python" but you have to set up the interpreter in order to use the debugger.
It does have a splendid debugger -- or the Pro version does anyways. We get Pro free from work, so I don't know how the Community version compares.
OS: Arch
Editor: Atom with Material Syntax UI and the Termination terminal plugin

Micah 6:8
Please note that Snippsat now has a new VS Code tutorial here:

It assumes you are starting from scratch

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