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 chessboard corner detection algorithm
My project is focused on the NIR camera calibration using chessboard technique. As the 1st step, I needs to find the chessboard corner detection using python programming language. If possible the chessboard corner algorithm is not the build-in function such as opencv 'findChessboardCorners'. Your attention and help is highly appreciated. Thank you in advanced.
You could try the following approach:
1) Determine all edges, e.g. using canny edge detector;
2) Among all determined edges find square ones: this could be done, using, e.g. RANSAC algorithm (fitting a square or rhombus wouldn't be very computational expensive for RANSAC, I think)
3) Consider squares and rhombuses that are close each other: we expect that they tile a mosaic of size 8x8. So, from this point all is almost done.
4) Probably, if some edges weren't determined as rhombuses, we would needed to do some auxiliary steps to find utmost rhombuses; But this could be an issue, only if the image was noised. Chess-board is expected to be a contrasted part of the image, so all edges should be determined well.

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