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clearing an interactive python interpreter/shell
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clearing an interactive python interpreter/shell
I got really sick of always doing this when I want to clear my shell:

from os import system
Or with the subprocess module etc...

So I made the simplest module ever on Pypi: pip3 install clear-screen

from clear_screen import clear
The import statement isn't much better than the os module import... but I like being able to quickly type clear() when I want to. Maybe there is already a module to do this? If not then there is now! clear-screen
On Linux: CTRL + L
My code examples are always for Python >=3.6.0
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(Jan-28-2019, 04:58 AM)DeaD_EyE Wrote: On Linux: CTRL + L

On MacOS CMD + K
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In cmder with interactive shell ptpython(my favorite) or IPython.
Then do CTRL + L work.

IDLE and cmd is just bad compare to what i posted over in Windows.
I use command line a lot,so using cmd/powershell is just terrible compared to cmder(16k stars on GitHub).
cmder is as good as any Terminal/shell that i use on Linux(i like to use fish shell on Linux).
I don’t like keyboard shortcuts as much because I have to remove my hands from the qwerty position hahaha

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